GeoLens makes asset management and responsible stewardship possible for Community Managers, Special Districts, and HOAs. 

The single source of truth eliminates the middleman, offers historical look-backs, generates accurate insights, and empowers teams to get the job done from development obligations to community improvement planning and execution.


Organization & Location

Community managers, HOAs and Special Districts’ broad responsibilities are bogged down because much data is accessible only from third parties. Community improvement suffers when forced to rely on attorneys, engineers, landscapers, and other specialists for answers. The projects pile up consuming time and money.  


GeoLens allows Community Managers and Special Districts to possess that community’s single source of truth. You can achieve community improvements and solve issues in real time. GeoLens connects the digital to the physical so that information on ownership, maintenance responsibilities, and obligations is always accessible in the context of a detailed, interactive map.  

Communication & Collaboration

With disparate data sources, there is a lack of clarity around what information exists and it is a time consuming, labor intensive process to access the data. Hence, Community Managers’ and Special Districts’ work can be prone to errors and inaccuracies.


GeoLens is a document management platform that makes location-based collaboration amongst Managers, Boards, and Homeowners possible. All stakeholders are aligned for a common understanding with a real-time, centralized archive inclusive of legal boundaries, project boundaries, lots, tracts, easements, maintenance, and ownership responsibility.

Compliance & Collaboration

Without an adequate system for financial, risk, and regulatory management, Homeowners do not know what is allowed / required; while Community Managers rely on inadequate technology to share information and lose time from manually documenting violations/compliance.  


GeoLens connects the digital to the physical so a community’s efforts to improve are coordinated. Managers and HOAs easily access Homeowner and lot information, monitor compliance, and understand their warranties.The single record of truth improves workflows related to violations incorporating photo documentation and warranty expirations.

Operation & Field Intelligence

Managers, HOAs, and Special Districts lack the necessary tools to adequately manage resources and oversee both operations and field management.


GeoLens single record of truth is the necessary key to track and manage in-field maintenance and repair activities. The combined power of historical data and real time accuracy, means Community Managers and Boards have the ability to keep their community vibrant for generations to come.