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Connecting the Digital to the Physical®

Manage all documents, data and schedules throughout the lifetime of the project, so you can communicate effectively, increase team productivity, and improve project revenue.

Pain Points

Creating smart, efficient and profitable projects

Today’s land developers face complex projects that involve many stakeholders, multiple stages and endless documentation. Throughout these multi-year endeavors, developers take on long lists of tasks and responsibilities – including maintaining the project’s internal rate of return and reducing the risk of unplanned project costs. GeoLens gives land developers the power to organize, collaborate and optimize projects, resulting in enhanced productivity and improved project revenue.


Keep control of data and documentation from project start to finish, all organized within the context of a project map.

  • Keeping projects organized
  • Enhancing team productivity and accountability
  • Improving project efficiency
  • Lowering the risk of unplanned costs and expensive litigation
Plus, GeoLens’ location intelligence and analytics can help drive smart decisions that boost project revenue.


GeoLens map

Capture, create and edit project data within your project map, so you have location context for every document or communication.

Mobile tools in the field

Connect the project site to the office by tracking and managing project tasks and issues directly from the field, all tied to specific locations on your project map.

Cloud-based file organization

Create a single source of truth for your project by storing all documents on a secure, searchable system that’s up-to-date and accessible anywhere.

Task and schedule management

Keep projects on track and easily collaborate with team members and stakeholders.

Project workflow tools

Manage development obligations, submittals, fees, and violations all in one platform, so you can stay on top of project costs and budgets.

Trend and sales analysis

Track builder data, design information and sales statistics for each lot in your project. Then, analyze sales data and project trends to inform decisions that help improve project revenue.