The GeoLens single source solution for land developers means your data works for you instead of you working for it.

We connect the digital to the physical so that you stay on time and on budget, from greenfield to finished community.


Time Wasted

Money wasted on consultant fees, time sacrificed waiting on them and  searching for your data while deadlines mounted and expenses piled up.


We understand that the only line that matters is the bottom line. From evaluation and entitlement, acquisition to bidding and construction, the GeoLens single source of truth means your project remains on time and on budget while your data is available from wherever you are.

Excessive Risk

Disorganized data led to unplanned costs, poor decisions, unhappy investors and even left you vulnerable to litigation.


We anticipate the complexity of your project. Team members are aligned for optimal communication and performance, partners are held accountable, and development stays on time and on budget.

Too Much Complexity

Working just to find your data housed across multiple filing systems from cabinets to limited technology, spreadsheets, and outdated maps.


Now your data works for you so you can make informed decisions, have confidence that your team is mobilized to task, and all your project’s data is in one place.

Location Intelligence

Using systems that lacked sophistication, created barriers to success and cost you time and money.


The GeoLens solution is more than a map. It is your interactive, centralized archive complete with location intelligence. You have the single source solution that reflects real-time progress.