The GeoLens location intelligence allows you to visualize every project detail in the context of your interactive map – driving better decisions faster.


Organize Complexity

Spreadsheets, endless email chains, and paper plat plans couldn’t cut it resulting in ineffective data organization and outdated information.


Builders and their teams, visually manage lot, home, and tract details, generate pipelines, track development absorption and sales, and update construction statuses in one place.

Location Intelligence

Builders were stuck using technology that lacked the needed sophistication to meet a project’s demands. Unable to accurately track lot specifics, Land, Construction, and Sales teams were left with out of date data.  


GeoLens connects the digital to the physical; the field to the office; and problems to solutions. 

Manage Risk

Builders were left vulnerable, assuming the huge risks from lost time chasing down their data and reacting to costly mistakes.


Teams proactively solve issues with easy access to detailed lot tracking from community improvements to to lot fit and landscape packages. Builders can prove compliance at a moment’s notice, access all documentation form budgets and punch lists to lot restrictions and development obligations.

Boost Revenue

Revenue was lost because of ineffective, paper-based management. Builders suffered from rising costs because of time wasted in marathon meetings that failed to coordinate teams for the necessary results.


Technology that anticipates your project development means your team has the power to uncover additional value. Real time access to lot status, release and special requirements associated with each lot empowers your team  to make better decisions, and get the project done on time and on budget, every time.