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Transforming the way land developers and communities develop and manage real estate projects

GeoLens’ powerful platform helps you take control of complex developments, so you can keep projects on time and on budget.
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Tell the story of your development. GeoLens’ location intelligence allows you to visualize every project detail in the context of your projects’ interactive map.

Simplify complex project documentation. GeoLens acts as the single source of truth for your project, helping you store and organize every project document, schedule, and communication within the context of your project map.
Keep complex projects on time and on budget. Manage project tasks, schedules and workflows across large teams and multiple stakeholders.
Connect the field to the office. The GeoLens mobile app saves time and improves accuracy by allowing you to track and manage project tasks directly from the field, giving location context for every issue.

The benefits of GeoLens

Boost project revenue
Leverage GeoLens’ location intelligence to visualize project trends, so you can make smart decisions that improve productivity and profitability.
Manage risk and cost
Keep your project on track and avoid unplanned fees or costs; GeoLens helps you manage important project tasks, scheduled and workflows.
Easily organize complex projects
GeoLens securely stores all documents, plats, maps and tasks within the context of your project map, making communication and collaboration easier.
No software to install
If you have a web browser and an internet connection, you can login and work with your projects.
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